100% of your money

helps families rebuild their homes and provides
economic support for people in-need.


Building a better society based on empowerment and sustainability.

We envision a country where humanity can thrive. One with a rich identity built on maintaining human dignity through mobilizing the power of humanity. We are committed to promoting social and economic transformation of vulnerable community members, irrespective of their nationality, religion, or social status.

The Mission


Lifting up the sorrow and promoting the well-being of our society.

The unprecedented and tragic events that accompanied Lebanon through the year 2020 resulted in a series of overlapping and multifaceted crisis that threatened our community. We moved our humanitarian relief campaigns in multiple directions to help combat the increase in poverty and hunger levels, to address medical and health concerns, and to rebuild destroyed houses.


We partner with UAE foreign aid and King Salman Humanitarian aid and relief center.

The main goal of the UAE foreign aid lies within reducing poverty levels while improving the quality of life in underprivileged communities.

The primary goal of King Salman Humanitarian aid and relief center is to provide humanitarian aid and relief to those in need outside the Kingdom’s borders.


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